Advice and Representation for EMPLOYEES


This firm provides quality, experienced advice and assistance across the full range of Employment Law issues employees and workers can encounter.  

We are very experienced in the following :- 

  • Settlement Agreements
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Pay and Bonus disputes
  • Redundancy claims
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Employment Contracts
  • Discrimination (Disability, Sex, Race, Age, Sexual Orientation, Gender Reassignment, Pregnancy/Maternity, Marriage/Civil Partnership)
  • Harassment at Work
  • Bullying
  • Equal Pay
  • Whistleblowing
  • Contract Negotiations

A case needs solid foundations otherwise it will topple over further down the line – after much time, money and effort has been expended.

Early advice is crucial to building a solid case so that early irreversible mistakes that can prove fatal later can be avoided.  A Tribunal case involves weighing up your options at each stage on an informed basis . Cases evolve – generally the best you can do is make a sensible move and then assess the response before taking your next step. Experience is key to assessing when to fight and when to settle. EMPLOYMENT LAW

Disability Discrimination & Constructive Dismissal

Our client had been a very successful and long-serving teacher before tragically being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Requiring reasonable adjustments to continue working, her college employer proved less than cooperative and even began capability proceedings against her. The client resigned claiming constructive (unfair) dismissal and disability discrimination. The College strongly defended the case. The Final ET Hearing exposed the Employer as having acted poorly at every turn whereas our client could not have been more vindicated.  The College offered a very substantial settlement sum just before an anticipated Employment Tribunal Judgment was handed down against them.

Pregnancy/Maternity Discrimination – Solicitor at US law firm

A senior female associate at a well-known US city law firm was sidelined and then made redundant after returning from maternity leave. It was a ‘David and Goliath’ like scenario. We represented her throughout her employment tribunal claim. The case gained national press attention and her claims of unfavourable treatment, victimisation and unfair dismissal upheld by the Tribunal.

Unfair Dismissal – City Trader

A city trader was summarily dismissed for gross misconduct by a large, well-known City trading house. We argued that the misconduct complained of was rife at the institution – and that it would be a fact that would become publicly known. Our client was swiftly offered a very substantial settlement without having to issue Tribunal proceedings.

Disability Discrimination

Our client suffered the mental health disability of schizoaffective disorder. She was employed as a financial officer by a high-profile charity helping ex-services personnel with their mental welfare. This made it all the more surprising that she was subjected to discriminatory treatment criticising her appearance, cutting down her duties and then removing her from her role in the finance department. She was not properly trained in a new and unrelated role before she was dismissed for incapability. She was offered a substantial settlement on the first morning of her Tribunal hearing

Pregnancy Discrimination and Constructive Dismissal

After being headhunted for the role, a nanny was subjected to discriminatory treatment during her probation period when she discovered and then disclosed that she was pregnant. When her working life was suddenly made conspicuously difficult she resigned claiming discrimination and constructive dismissal. Our representation saw her win her Tribunal case. Having robustly defended the claim her employer eventually fully compensated her for her unlawful treatment.